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The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on 26 October 1992. The law mandates that no JFK assassination records could remain classified beyond 25 years after the enactment of the act: i.e. October 26, 2017.  When the records review board wrapped on September 30, 1998, a record 6.5 million pages of documents were placed into the JFK Act Collection in the National Archives. 

Under congressional order, all documents were to be released in full, completely unredacted no later than 25 years after the passage of the JFK Records Act. That date was October 26, 2017.

Approximately 3,000 pages were released in June 2017, and an additional 300 pages in early October 2017. 

However, on October 25, 2017, the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon successfully appealed to President Trump to stop the release of an estimated 350,000 pages of documents, stating "National Security". The President extended the deadline six months, therefore all documents were due to be released in full no later than April 26, 2018.

On April 26,  19,045 pages were released, however President Trump ordered that 15,884 pages remain locked away until October 26, 2021. 


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  “The Searchers is a vivid portrait of the JFK Research community painted precisely as the reality. Quite often documentaries on this subject rely too heavily on archival footage; this one does not. As a documentary it's composition is in the best tradition of raw filmmaking that engages the viewer without regard to familiarity with the subject.”

- Chuck Ochelli, The Ochelli Effect Podcast & Research Organization

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