“One of the most important films ever done on the case.”

- Robert Groden, author of Absolute Proof, consultant to Oliver Stone’s JFK

“This is one of the best, if not the best documentaries you will ever see!”
- Chris Gallop, JFK - The Continuing Inquiry

“Beautifully constructed.”

- Joseph E. Green, playwright (The Vapors), author (Dissenting Views)

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Critical Focus Pictures presents an RBensonFilm Production

A Film By Randolph Benson The Searchers Starring John Judge Cyril Wecht

Robert Groden Josiah Thompson Mark Lane Jim Marrs Jim DiEugenio Debra Conway John Kelin Gary Aguilar

Rex Bradford Lisa Pease Walk Brown Andy Winiarczyk Produced by John Shoenfelt Director of Photography Lantz Barbour

Produced, Edited, Written & Directed by Randolph Benson

Copyright 2017 The Searchers Documentary, LLC


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